“Welcome back to school!”

Thus says the panel that can be seen walking through the entrance of our institute, which has finally returned to host students after six long months.

One week after the start of classes, the Principal Marcella Bodo wanted to share with everyone the joy of seeing students and the satisfaction with the progress of the first days of school:

“To students, families, collaborators,

I first want to thank Vittoria’s collaborators for their efforts during the summer and in the last 20 days. Your commitment has allowed us to start the school year perfectly organized in compliance with the operational guidelines of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, the MIUR and the Regione Piemonte. At the end of the first week of school, we can proudly state that, though staying at home had not stopped our school, coming back to school has made us all more aware of the fact that the school will always be a point of reference. We can be proud of this, because we can teach our children that fear cannot stop us, that difficulties in life exist but that they must be faced with clarity, optimism and respect for the rules. All of us, in our different roles as student, teacher or parent, experienced the strong feeling of a different “first day of school”, and we were faced for the first time in our life  with the joy but also the concern of returning to normality in the midst of a pandemic. We have observed our kids abide by strict rules and try to “keep their social distance” while they would like to hug their friends and walk together, and we want to praise them for how almost everyone strives to do their best, still preserving their enthusiasm and their joy. They teach us to be positive because difficulties, unforeseen events and uncertainties, if we want it, cannot stop us but will give us the drive to start over and over again.

Students, parents, teachers, school staff, let us stand together so that this will be a year that strengthens that professional and human bond useful to transform criticality into a challenge.

By thanking the families for their trust in the school, I wish a happy school year 2020/2021 to all students, parents, teachers and ATA staff.”

The head teacher

Marcella Margaria Bodo