We open this appointment by congratulating the 3B students who have passed the ESP Certification exam.



The Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) is an international qualification that evaluates students between the ages of 15 and 19 who have participated in a hands-on entrepreneurial experience and have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to start a business or to find a job.



The certification acquired represents a further step for the 3B students, made possible at the end of the “GREEN JOBS” PCTO course, which began last school year with the professors of legal and economic disciplines Silvia Astrua Campagnoli and Ivano Leccia. The Entrepreneurial Skills Pass certifies the entrepreneurial skills of students on the four-year course, who, last year, with extraordinary passion and resilience, created “Brich”, their green company.



Speaking of law, in recent days we have all read or heard the term DPCM and its contents.

At school, economic law students have studied and discussed this for a long time but they were not the only ones. The art teacher Elisa Sanesi together with her students analyzed the historical description of the term curfew thanks to the contribution of the Uffizi Gallery.






A regulation requiring people to remain indoors between specified hours, typically at night.
The word comes from Anglo-French “coeverfu” (late 13c.), which derives from Old French “cuevrefeu”, literally “cover fire”, an expression in use during the Middle Ages, when it was imposed to cover every fire with ash during the night, in order to avoid the risk of fires.
Although some categories of people, like doctors, were allowed to go out, very few had total freedom of movement. Cities must have appeared still in their sleep and the streets almost deserted, watched over by menacing guards, ready to take for a criminal anyone who wandered without a lamp in hand.
The night was therefore the time for clandestine movement, a place of suspicion, a homeland of oulaws.
Seen from such perspective, the small painting by Jan Asselijn (17th c. #PittiPalace) partially loses its connotation as a genre scene and rather seems to us as a moment that emerges from the past thanks to the dim light of a candle.


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