“In this painting I decided to represent what for me was the idea of ​​the journey into the unknown, in the most spontaneous way possible”



Thus Filippo Bertone (1 IB) tells us about the concept that inspired the design presented for the UNHCR Draw For Refugees initiative.

“I can’t explain the reason well, but this hooded figure looking at the horizon seemed suitable for the purpose, if only for the fact that it came to my mind so naturally. In short, I went on instinct, looking for a shot that would highlight the greatness (and if we want the difficulty) of the journey compared to the small size of the character “

Last year, UNHCR ambassador Neil Gaiman wrote the poem What You Need to be Warm inspired by words and memories shared by people from all over the world, to help raise funds for refugees for the winter. This year Gaiman asked to share drawings, which will help bring the poem to life in an animated film that will raise funds to help refugees face the challenges of another harsh winter.


The third meeting (unfortunately, given the contingencies, remotely) of the PCTO project that 4D is facing with the educational services of Palazzo Madama was held on Monday 23 November, coordinated by Miss Anna La Ferla with the organizational support of Miss Sanesi.

During the connection, the students studied the history of Palazzo Madama and, more generally, the stages of the formation of a museum, from a simple noble collection to a place that can be used by different types of public.

They then reflected on what a visit to a museum means for them, what they expect to find and what kind of relationship can be established between the user and the works of art, even in a difficult time for museum institutions such as the one that we are living.

The next appointment is scheduled for December 14th.




The students of 3B, 4CD and 5ACD are committed to following a series of meetings organized by the Crc Foundation as part of the MotivAzione project which includes a series of in-depth studies for the general public, in the form of a lecture / event, through the invitation of scholars and prominent people.



November 13: Andrea Zorzi, Sport, talent and the magical power of defeat

November 20: Marco Aime, Culture and the process of change. We are all multicultural

December 4: Taxi1729, Choose what I want. The economy to understand the world we live in




This year too, our institute’s collaboration with Unicredit continues, which through its Startupyoulife project will guide our children in their PCTO paths.

The fifth-year classes will follow the path entitled “Entrepreneurial Education and Orientation” which will offer students the tools to support them in entering the job market, thanks to the contribution of industry experts. The third year and fourth year of the economic juridical path will instead be involved in financial education and entrepreneurial education paths respectively.



The 3CD, on the other hand, will be involved in the “Guardians of the Coast” project which concerns the themes of biodiversity and the protection of coasts and the sea, climate change, the impact of the climate on the environment, the use of the coastal marine environment, pollution and marine litter. Subsequently, each class will be able to monitor a stretch of coast.


Guardiani della Costa


The 2B of the four-year course will participate in the B Corp School project, organized by InVentoLab School, a path that deals with the issues of environmental sustainability and the creation of companies and start-ups.





Finally, speaking of meetings with prominent people, the 2 ICE participated in the meeting that Prof. Aparicio held to present her book “Las islas de las gaviotas“.




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