We want to provide students and families with the information they need to make a pondered and responsible choice of school program.

For those who wish to learn more about our school and teachers, you can tour our facilities and meet with our orientation experts by making an appointment or attending our Open Day.

Individual appointments

The school staff is available for information Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 16:30. You can make an appointment to speak with the orientation advisors (prof. Silvia Campagnoli and prof. Deborah Gutowitz) as well as the Head of Schools (prof. Marcella Margaria Bodo).
For the families who prefer Saturdays, the school is open for meetings by appointment only, starting at 10:00 AM

Open Days

Currently, there are two Open Days scheduled, the first Saturday, October 23, and the second Saturday, December 4. To participate, please fill out the following form, and we will contact you with further details.

With the goal of protecting the health and well-being of all participants, we have established a few rules for admissions to the Open Day:

  • Participation is limited to 30 people; complete the request module and wait for a confirmation email;
  • Only two participants from each nuclear family allowed (ex. The future student and one parent)
  • Entry in Via delle Rosine 14 starting at 20 minutes before the presentation;
  • A vaid Green Pass;
  • Your temperature will be measured when you enter the school facilities, and you must wear a mask for the entire time of your stay in the school.