Detailed syllabi for the subjects available are posted on the dedicated ManageBac area (access password required).

Cambridge ICE

I – Languages English First Language
English Second Language
Spanish Foreign Language
French Foreign Language
II – Humanities and Social Sciences History
III – Sciences Combined Science
IV – Mathematics International Mathematics
V – Creative,Technical and Vocational Communication and Information Technology
Italian Language A

IB Diploma Program

I – Language A1 Italian A1 SL/HL
English A1 SL/HL
II – Foreign Languages English B HL
Spanish B SL/HL
French B SL/HL
Italian B SL/HL
III -Social Sciences Economics SL
History SL
IV – Sciences Biology SL
Biology HL
Chemistry SL
Chemistry HL
V – Mathematics Mathematical Studies SL
Mathematics SL
Mathematics HL
VI – Other One subject chosen among those available for the other groups.
Theory of Knowledge
Creativity, Action, Service