Programs offered

Vittoria International School (VIS) offers a four year course of studies divided into two consecutive two-year programs:

9th-10th Grade - IGCSE Courses

11th-12th grade - IB Diploma Program

VITTORIA international School is innovative

The truly innovative characteristics of the programs offered at VIS are:

  • a four-year high school program which allows direct access to both Italian and foreign universities;
  • all subjects are taught in English, except for mother-tongue language and literature;
  • in-depth study of at least one foreign language;
  • scientific studies based on an applied and experimental approach;
  • development of knowledge skills in language A (the student’s mother tongue) to enhance the expression of one’s thoughts and ideas and to promote creativity, thinking and learning;

The final diploma, International Baccalaureate, is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Public Education (D.D. 25/10/2010) as having equal value as an Italian Liceo Scientifico and/or Liceo Linguistico diploma, depending on the track chosen by the student.

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Italian Ministry of Education Recognition for the IB Diploma Program.