The School

VITTORIA International High School (VIS) is part of  ‘Excellence in Foreign Languages’, a Turin learning centre which offers a wide range of linguistic courses.

Our School is a prestigious  four-year secondary school divided into two consecutive, two-year programs:

Both programs are geared towards highly motivated, and gifted students.

The Italian Ministry of Public Education recognizes the VIS International Baccalaureate Diploma® (IB) as equivalent to a Maturità Scientifica or Linguistica (D.D.  25/02/2010), depending on the combination of courses chosen by the individual student.

The school is situated in a modern and efficient facility in downtown Turin. Classes are small, subjects are taught in English by qualified teachers and the location offers fully equipped classrooms, state of the art language labs and an extensive multilanguage library. The Programs Offered are centered around the student seen as a developing being: by guaranteeing joined attention to both cognitive and emotional aspects, the school makes sure  students are involved, stimulated and encouraged to take an active role in their learning project. The teaching staff works at ensuring a serene learning environment for the students and a balanced participation of their families to school life. Great care is given to school-family communication: the school website has a password protected area where parents can update on their children’s school activities and marks. Moreover, a text message system ensures prompt and timely notice of deadlines, parent-teacher meetings, and students’ absences.